10 Things You Use Daily That You Didn’t Know It Could Be Hacked

10 Things You Use Daily That You Didn’t Know It Could Be Hacked

Do you believe it can sneak into your fridge and to your favorite TV series, pirates can be watching you now! All of these things are amazing. Will you believe that you can penetrate some of the things you use every day and you do not know anything in this article will explain all the ambiguities for you.

10-Your mobile phone

Beware of pickpockets, you may become without a job: Pirates do not even need to get into your pocket to steal your credit card information. If you keep information for credit cards on your phone you are vulnerable to hacking, because with hackers malware can actually steal your phone data without putting a finger on you.

Whether you are using Pay Pass or Samsung Pay, hackers can sneak into your phone by reading the radio frequency identification chip on the card. Even Apple’s pay which is supposed to be more secure has penetrated. If the phone is broken the IOS According to Timor-Yunusov, head of banking security of positive technologies, it can be seized.

The hackers use public Wi-Fi, or their own phantom Wi-Fi connection, and ask users to create their own profile, they can steal Apple’s encryption (key to encrypt data). ” If you use Apple eBay to buy things from the Internet, beware of phantom websites, avoid using public Wi-Fi to buy things and try to keep your wallet phone blocking the radio frequency identification chip.

9-The pacemakers can be turned off

According to CNN, nearly 500,000 receptors can be penetrated into the pacemaker allowing someone to change settings or shut down their devices completely. Not only are pacemaker devices that can be tampered with any medical devices that use Bluetooth and wireless connectivity at risk, including insulin devices. As the Food and Drug Administration wrote: “This access can be used to modify programming orders to an implanted pacemaker, which can result in damage to the patient by rapid battery depletion or inappropriate device speed.

8-Fish ponds

It turns out that Nemo is not safe when it comes to hackers. The Washington Post reported that the North American casino had broken through a fish tank. According to CyberDriss Cyber ​​Security, hackers were able to penetrate data inside the casino using computer-related sensors that regulate the climate, food, and cleanliness of the casino aquarium. “Someone entered a fish tank and used it to move to other areas (from the network) and sent the data,” said Justin Feyer, director of cyber intelligence at Dartcross. Although it has not escaped any fish, it is assumed that 10 GB of data has been taken.

7- TV Shows

Pirates are now seeking our most valuable goods – entertainment. They recently hacked HP servers and stole 1.5 terabytes of data, and then released new episodes of Ballers, Unsafe and Room 104, and the text of the next episode of the Troll game. And more seriously stole thousands of internal documents for HPO, as the security company hired by HP or to prevent the exchange of information on Google. According to Varetti, pirates hacked “HP’s internal management tools, a list of staff names, e-mail addresses, and their functions within the organization.”

6- Protect your refrigerator

If you love the silicon display valley on HPO, you might have laughed when the non-funny artistic character Gilfuel pierced the smart-talking refrigerator that was driving him crazy. This breakthrough is a giant information exchange for the refrigerator with a glass that makes obscene gestures. This may seem unlikely, but since things are becoming more common on the Internet, from smart door locks to smart heat programming, privacy and security are something that does not make you laugh.

In fact, in 2015 the Samsung Smart Refrigerator was used as an example of how easily hacked at the Devcon hacking conference. The researchers gave evidence that people could have their credentials stolen via Wi-Fi from the refrigerator. According to consumer reports, some ways to make sure your smart devices are not compromised for hacking is to make sure that your router’s protection is WPA 2. But as the hardware becomes smarter and the technology continues to grow, we will need to stay careful, Security standards under observation.



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