Narrow underwear and man’s fertility

Narrow underwear and man’s fertility

Choosing men’s underwear at the moment is not just a form or style, but for other health reasons, according to a Harvard study. According to the study, sperm needs to stay at a temperature slightly below the body to grow properly. Harvard scientists have found that men in large underwear have more sperm than those in tight underwear.

The study says that wearing large underwear – or even not wearing underwear at all – may improve the fertility of men. While there was a big difference between which was better: wearing tight or wide underwear? The broad answer is better to maintain the fertility of men.

Researchers at Harvard University have found that men’s sperm concentrations and girth vary greatly depending on the type of underwear they wear.

Fertility assessment of men is much easier: the higher the number of sperm, the happier the man, and the better the animals, the better the fertilization of the egg.

The testes produce sperm over the life of men, but this production decreases and becomes slower and sperm quality decreases significantly at the age of seventy.

The sperm flow rate of the average man throughout his life is about 525 billion sperm, which means an unlimited supply of sperm. The testicles – the findings outside the body cavity in a sac called the scrotum – produce these sperms. About 1.2 million sperm race to fertilize one egg for women, but they must be in good health.

The sperm requires special treatment, they live at temperatures below the body temperature in order to grow properly. This is why the testicles are located outside the body in a bag that maintains their temperature no matter how high the temperature of the body, and near the testes of the body when the weather is very cold and move away when the weather is very hot.

Sperm is affected by high temperature. If the scrotum is too hot – for example, after several sessions of the Jacuzzi – the testes will stop working and produce sperm, causing temporary sterility for the man. It does not take too much temperature to damage the sperm, only a third of a degree is enough to cause damage.

So Harvard’s study is based on this scientific basis. Narrow underwear causes high temperature, which affects sperm, while large underwear does not cause excessive heat retention. The study examined 656 men who were looking for fertility treatment for reproduction. All participants were between 18-56 years of age and were in good health. The researchers drew samples of blood and semen, and asked them whether they were wearing tight or wide underwear, or not wearing underwear at all.

More than half (53%) of respondents said that most days they wore tight underwear. This group has the most healthy and healthy sperm count and the lowest level of reproductive hormone, a hormone that indicates that the male body tries to retreat from harm from exposure to very high temperatures.

Those who wore large underwear had a sperm concentration of 25%, sperm more than 17%, and live sperm, 33% more active in each ejaculation sample.

These men, as the researchers note, tend to be younger. Surprisingly enough, they have been exposed to baths and dives in the Jacuzzi, which is believed to be bad for sperm health.

Therefore, short and tight underwear is not considered good for fertility. Men who wear this type of underwear are exposed to poor sperm count and quality, and their sperm growth is also affected.

“Because men can modify and change the type of underwear they wear, the results may be useful in improving men’s fertility while changing their overall underwear,” says Dr. Lydia Menges Alarcon.

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