How to create an account in the app store

How to create an account in the app store

Create an App Store account for free:

Apple ID is one of the most useful and versatile things to use if you have an Apple-related device such as iPod, iPhone, or iPad. IOS operation, SMS messaging, storage utilization through the iCloud website, and Find-Me service in case of loss of the device. Based on the above, it is important to have a username, which is free to create an iTunes account. The procedure is easy and can be done for three Sites (iTunes Store, one of the iOS devices, on the company’s website) that can be operated on the same account.

Steps to create an account:

There are a series of steps you can follow to create a new username on your iPhone or iPod in a simplified way:

  • Press the Settings button.
  • Click on the iCloud button.If you are already activated for an Apple account, you should go to the bottom of the page and click on the Sign Out button.If you are not already using one of the previously activated accounts, you should go to the bottom of the screen and click on Create New Account.
  • Write the date of birth.
  • Write the name.
  • Write your current personal email and can create a new email from this page.
  • Create a password using the written instructions.
  • Choose three questions with their answers written to enhance the confidentiality of your account.
  • After doing the previous step, a new account has been created for you, just open your email and click on the message sent by Apple to confirm that you own this account.

Download software and games from the App Store:

You can use App-Store to purchase and download software, games, and even re-download previously purchased software on Apple devices.

  • Open the App Store and browse through the existing programs either by selecting the list of the most popular programs, or programs classified by their fields (games, education, entertainment, and others).
  • Type the name of the application you want in the custom search box, and when you find the application you want you can:
  • Click on the program icon to open the download page
  • Click on the word Get a free download or a price to buy the paid version.
  • Confirm your Apple account password, and after downloading the app you can transfer it wherever you want on your phone’s home screen.

Problems and solutions to connect with App Store:

If you’re having trouble connecting to the App Store or downloading software, here are some solutions:

  • Check the Father Store if it is down because from time to time there are technical failures on the Apple site.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Try to try another wireless network.
  • Check if your network provider is 3G or 4G.
  • Check the amount of your data from the monthly bundles if they are sufficient or not.
  • Check if the software is still supported by Apple.
  • Check the size of the program if it is compatible with the 3G network.
  • Try to log out of the App Store and re-enter.
  • Empty the memory content.
  • Reactivate the App Store.

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