How to remove the smell of garlic

How to remove the smell of garlic

Remove garlic odor from your hands

Use stainless steel
You can simply remove the smell of garlic from the hands after cutting by rubbing with a spoon of stainless steel or any other material made of it; because the source of garlic smell strong on the hands attributed to the particles of sulfur that have been associated with them, and therefore linked to those molecules with stainless steel particles that convey the smell Garlic from hands to spoon.

Use citrus

Citrus spray helps remove the smell of garlic from the hands by soaking some citrus peel, such as lemon, grapefruit, or orange in hot water, then letting it cool down. The peel is then filtered and the soaked into a spray can. Spray it on your hands when you need to get rid of the smell of garlic.

Remove garlic odor from the mouth

 Refreshing materials

 It is recommended to eat fresh and fresh products to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth, such as: apples, mint and spinach, the person can eat apples as a sweetener, or chewing some fresh mint leaves after eating a meal containing garlic, and help drink hot green tea or lemon juice on A study conducted by the Institute of Food Technology Experts (IFT) has shown that the chemicals found in raw or cooked apples, lettuce, or mint contribute to the elimination of the unpleasant smell of garlic in the mouth.

 Cleaning teeth

 People who want to get rid of the smell of mouth caused by garlic brush their teeth, or the thread of cleaning the teeth; This method helps remove odor causing bacteria under the gum line, and in the accumulation of teeth, in addition to disposal of food residue in the mouth, Leading to keep the breath refreshed for longer, as the cleaning of the roof of the upper mouth, cleaning the tongue gently also good things to remove the smell of garlic.

Drink apple vinegar diluted

 You can drink two tablespoons of apple vinegar with a glass of water before you eat garlic or onions; because it helps to push the secondary products in them within the body more quickly, and helps in the process of digestion; it can be rinsed this solution for 10-15 seconds after eating Food as a mouthwash, it is useful in eliminating the smell of garlic; because it contains pectin, which promotes the growth of good bacteria.

 Drinking water

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the smell of mouth caused by garlic and onions, because drinking enough water helps stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth, which removes the layer of bacteria that causes odor in the mouth, so drinking water during and after meals Contains onions and garlic.

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