How to treat neck pain

How to treat neck pain

Neck pain

Neck pain is defined as a feeling of discomfort in one of the parts of the neck, such as nerves, muscles, joints, bones, and discs between them. Neck pain is a common condition and is caused by many diseases or health disorders. These types of pain also vary, some of which are described as numbness, sudden pain, or those that increase when the neck is moved.
Neck pain is usually associated with other organs that suffer from the surrounding organs, may cause headaches, or pain in the shoulders and face, may cause numb hands, and sometimes accompanied by other pain in the upper or lower back.

How to treat neck pain

The degree of pain in the neck area varies depending on the causes of this pain. Maintain to moderate pain is usually treated in simple ways used by the injured person, while some cases need to take some types of drugs or take more complex procedures. The following are the main methods of getting rid of neck pain:

  • Exposing the neck to cold and then heating: By putting ice on the neck in the first few days, then exposing it to heat using heating pads or hot baths.
  • Avoid tired activities: such as exercising neck fatigue or carrying heavy objects. These activities can be resumed gradually after the pain has disappeared.
  • Sitting in a healthy position: Do not stay in the same standing or sitting for long periods, as it is recommended to use medical sleeping pads
  • Gently exercise the neck: by slowly moving it daily to the sides, forward and backward.
  • Stabilizing the movement of the neck for a certain period: using special collars placed around the neck, and relieve pressure on the parts of the neck, and it is not recommended to put it for a long time, or without consulting the doctor for the possible adverse effects.
  • Take painkillers, such as ibuprofen, or acetaminophen.
  • Undergo physical therapy: where the physical therapist clarifies the health sessions and exercises that address neck pain and prevent their return.
  • Undergo massage sessions: The specialist massage the neck muscles in medical ways, which contributes to relieve neck pain, and physical therapy may coincide with other treatment methods recommended by the doctor.
  • Steroid injections: The doctor injects steroid substances near the nerves in the joints or muscles, which in some cases relieves pain.
  • Undergo surgical procedures, which are used in rare cases, in order to relieve pressure on the nerves.

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