The Last of Us Episode 5 Trailer: A Highly Infected Bloater Terrorises the Kansas City Ruins

The Last of Us Episode 5 Trailer: A Highly Infected Bloater Terrorises the Kansas City Ruins


The Last of Us episode 5 trailer is here. As usual, HBO has dropped a preview for next week’s episode of the zombie apocalypse drama based on the eponymous Playstation video game, teasing a terrifying Bloater – the fourth and final evolutionary stage of the infected – a result of years of exposure to the Cordyceps fungi. Titled ‘Endure and Survive,’ the upcoming episode is directed by Jeremy Webb (The Umbrella Academy) and will arrive two days early on HBO Max and HBO On Demand in the US, so it doesn’t clash with the Super Bowl LVII event on February 12. Episode 5 will be up on the services on February 10, 9am ET, while the linear telecast on HBO cable will follow the usual Sunday schedule. Gadgets 360 has reached out to Disney+ Hotstar for comment on whether The Last of Us episode 5 will drop early in India as well.

The trailer for The Last of Us episode 5 resumes with Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) time in the Kansas City ruins, after having found themselves at gunpoint at the end of episode 4. The hostiles in question are Henry (Lamar Johnson) and his deaf younger brother Sam (Keivonn Montreal Woodard), who are hiding from a group of hunters — new character Kathleen’s (Melanie Lynskey) revolutionary movement. “Things have gone great,” she tells her followers, as we’re treated to visuals of her foot-soldiers out on a manhunt. “Haven’t you heard? Kansas City is free.” Continuing to be a major threat to our lead pair, it seems the show is taking another major departure from the 2013 video game, by giving the baddies some character-building before the eventual stand-off. It isn’t fully clear why Kathleen is hunting Henry, but it is implied that the latter had something to do with her brother’s death.

“He told me to forgive, but where is the justice in that?”, she continues in a voiceover, as our lead duo teams up with Sam and Henry, helping them in their fight against the hunters. Just like the game, the hunters in the HBO show overthrew FEDRA’s military rule over their quarantine zone. So, the only third-party interference they’ve got to worry about is the infected burrowing into the city. And with all the ruckus and soundwaves being generated from the gunfights and explosions, the infected’s network is going to respond just as aggressively. The Last of Us episode 5 trailer sees Ellie still holding onto the gun she stole from Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank’s (Murray Bartlett) place, using which she saved Joel’s life in a tense situation. Joel seems to trust her with the weapon now.

The Last of Us episode 5 trailer then cuts to show some action sequences, as the highly mutated Bloater storms through the blazing streets and a terrified Joel orders Ellie to evade the area. The footage also seems to highlight the final confrontation between Kathleen and Henry. “It ends the way it ends,” Kathleen says. Last month, HBO renewed the show for a second season, which will explore the events of The Last of Us Part II game. Showrunner Craig Mazin also suggested that the story is “more than a season’s worth of television.”

New episodes of The Last of Us stream every Monday on Disney+ Hotstar, at 8:30am in India. Currently, there is no information on whether episode 5 will stream early on Saturday in the country, based on the early release in the US. Gadgets 360 will update this article once we hear back from Hotstar.

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