Ways to control emotions to become a successful person

Ways to control emotions to become a successful person

The ability to control emotions and express your feelings is a very important thing, as emotions play an important role in reactions, and when you learn how to control your emotions, this will help you make the right decisions, and will increase the chances of success in your relationships with others and also increases your confidence significantly on your own. And Vicki Botnik, a psychotherapist in California, explains that any kind of emotions that you usually see as positive, can be intense enough to be difficult to control. Therefore, it is better to start controlling your emotions and feelings so that you can coexist better.

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You can rely on some tips to help you control your emotions, which include:

1- Notice the effect of your feelings

Emotions always make life exciting, unique and vibrant. Strong emotions can indicate that we are not in control of our normal reactions. It is normal to experience some emotional problems often, for example, when something wonderful happens, or even something ugly or difficult for you to accept, and other different situations.

Your out-of-control emotions may cause you to experience conflicts with your friends or partner, difficulty in dealing and communicating with others, problems at work, and emotional and psychological trauma. Therefore, it is best to note the impact of your emotions and feelings on your daily life, as this will help you to have more control over your emotions.

2- Decide how you feel

Taking the time to check in with yourself about your moods and emotions can help you better control them. For example, let’s say you met someone a few months ago, and you tried to plan another meeting last week, but the other person doesn’t have time, this will make you very upset and nervous and may make you think about many bad things.

But if you take it more calmly, and really start to think about what happened and that this person may have been exposed to something that made the date unsuitable for him, then this will make you control your emotions and your bad feelings better. It may take some time before you can control your emotions like this, but with practice it will get easier.

3- You must accept all your feelings

If you are trying to control your feelings, you may try to downplay your feelings and emotions, but this will not help. It is better to accept your feelings and feel very comfortable with them, this will give you a great ability to control your emotions from time to time.

4- Write down your daily emotions

Writing down your emotions and reactions during the day can help you identify any that are bothering you. Sometimes it may be enough to keep track of your feelings by just remembering them, but writing down these thoughts will help you think about it more deeply and focused.

In addition, it will help you to identify some situations in which certain circumstances contribute, such as work problems or family conflicts, that may lead to difficulty in controlling your emotions. Identifying some of your triggers can go a long way in finding ways to better control them.

5- Take a deep breath

Lots of psychologists talk about the power of breathing deeply, whether you’re very happy or even very angry. Breathing slowly and paying attention to yourself will help you return from the first reaction or emotion caused by any situation you are exposed to. Breathe in slowly and try to hold your breath for 3 seconds and then let yourself breathe out slowly as well.

6- Know when to express yourself

There is a time and place for everything in life, even your emotions and feelings. For example, yelling at your pillow or even hitting it can help release your anger or tension.

Despite this, there are many situations that require self-control and not being overwhelmed by your feelings, no matter how frustrated you are. Paying attention to what is happening around you and situations will help you control your emotions.

7- Avoid negative self-talk

If you want to control your emotions, it is best to avoid negative self-talk. Thinking about negative thoughts increases their power and turns them into reality within the person.

8- Do meditation exercises

Meditation exercises can be one of the ways to help you overcome your feelings and emotions, as these exercises increase your awareness of feelings. And when you get used to practicing meditation exercises, you will feel more calm and this will make you control yourself and your emotions and feelings better.

In addition, meditation exercises will help you increase your acceptance skills, as well as help you relax and feel calm.

9- Cut back on caffeine

Eating a lot of caffeine increases the secretion of adrenaline in the body, which causes an increase in the speed of reaction, and thus increases irritability even over the simplest things. If you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, it’s best to reduce the amount of caffeine you get.

If you suffer from lack of control over your emotions, or feel quick anger and overreaction, you can rely on these tips, which will help you relax and calm down and think better about things. You can also turn to a close friend and talk to them about how you feel, or even talk to a psychotherapist who will help you overcome your anger and control your emotions as much as possible.

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