What is mobile phone damages

What is mobile phone damages

Health damage
Mobile health damage can be divided into the following divisions:

brain cancer

The debate over the impact of smart mobile phones and others on the incidence of brain cancer, some see that the use of mobile phone caused the development of cancer, while others, such as the Danish Cancer Association and the Norwegian Committee of Experts that the mobile phone does not pose any health risks of this kind, but so far the debate continues in this area without reaching a clear decision.

Eye health

 The continuous use of the mobile phone makes the person very focused on that small screen with small lines, increasing the pressure on the eye, thus exposing the eye to more complex problems such as computer vision syndrome of dry eye, difficulty concentrating .

Chronic pain

Studies have shown that the use of mobile phone in a fixed position for a period of time leads to problems and pain in the spine, neck, shoulders, in addition to hand pain and others, the reason for the pressure on these members; the continuous use of mobile phone to send messages or any other activity It may result in inflammation of the joints and spine.

Social damages

Social damages resulting from excessive use of mobile phones include the following:

Effect on real interaction:

The continued use of the mobile phone in a deliberate way to break relations and disassembly of families, because of the reliance on applications of electronic communication and away from the actual and real communication.

Lack of privacy:

 The use of a mobile phone to save sensitive information and data is a threat to the user if the phone is lost or stolen; it may expose him to the theft of his account, use it badly, steal his bank account, or otherwise.

Continuous inconvenience:

 This happens as a result of mobile users’ constant adherence to their mobile phones, making it difficult for them to reject the ongoing interruptions or interruptions such as e-mail, messages, notifications, or even phone calls. This eliminates the user from any vital activity he or she may do Communicate with his family.

Other damage to the mobile phone

For mobile phone use many different damages, including:

  • The battery and other electronic parts of the phone cause damage to the environment if they are not disposed of properly.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving causes traffic accidents.
  • The use of mobile phone in an addictive way to waste user time, and spend money for phone calls or other.

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