Benefits of watermelon for pregnant women

Benefits of watermelon for pregnant women

Watermelon is a favorite summer fruit of many. Watermelon is characterized by its delicious taste and its many health benefits, and it increases the health benefits of pregnant women. The melon provides the body of the pregnant woman with many important nutrients for her and the fetus. Watermelon is made up of 92% water and is a source of vital elements including vitamin A, C, B6, magnesium and potassium. Melon seeds also have many health benefits. In this article we will learn about the health benefits of melon fruit during pregnancy.

1 – relieve the morning sickness:

You can reduce the effect of morning sickness by eating watermelon regularly, as eating during the morning is a refreshing start, soothing and light, as it contains natural properties to prevent the feeling of nausea. Therefore, we recommend that pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness drink a glass of fresh watermelon juice in the morning, and you can add a little lemon juice and rock salt to enhance the flavor and health benefits.

2 – prevents drought:

One of the important benefits of watermelon is to prevent dehydration of women and the fetus in the summer. Doctors advise all pregnant women to drink large amounts of water to prevent dehydration. Drought can cause early contractions and lead to premature birth. Watermelon contains more than 90% of the water of its composition, so regularly eating is a great way to keep the body moisturize and prevent dehydration.

3 – reduces swelling during pregnancy:

Swelling, swelling of the hands, feet or edema is very common during pregnancy, and the high content of water in the melon helps to reduce the blockage of the veins and muscles and thus treat edema and reduce swelling.

4 – relieve muscle cramps:

The woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, increases the weight of women and causes many hormonal disorders, leading to muscle and bone pain. Regular intake of watermelon helps to overcome muscle cramps because of its content on citroline, an amino acid that reduces muscle pain from By helping muscles get oxygen faster, eating water regularly during pregnancy helps relieve muscle cramps during pregnancy.

5-Reduces the chances of pregnancy poisoning:

Watermelon is the richest source of lycopene among all fruits and vegetables. Lycopene helps to reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, which is a serious condition for maternal and fetal health.

6- Preventing skin pigmentation:

Many pregnant women suffer from pigmentation during pregnancy. Melon helps to facilitate bowel movements and digestion. This affects the skin texture. It helps to reduce skin pigmentation in different parts of the body by regular cleansing and cleaning of the body.

7 – Reduces heartburn:

Watermelon helps to reduce the digestive problems experienced by pregnant women such as acidity and intestinal acidity, and has a cooling feature that provides immediate comfort of the stomach can be used watermelon seed oil for this purpose as well.

8-Enhance the immune system:

The watermelon contains leucopene, a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for its distinctive red color, and helps leukane boost and strengthen the immune system during pregnancy.

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9- Treatment of constipation:

Watermelon helps to increase and stimulate the bowel movement, as it contains large amounts of dietary fiber and promotes the formation of stool and make it more smooth, which makes it easier to pass because of its high content of water.

10-Supports fetal development:

Watermelon contains large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin E and vitamin B6 and minerals such as potassium and magnesium, and therefore useful in the development of the eyes and brain and the nervous system and skeleton of the fetus, and helps the content of potassium and calcium in the formation of fetal bones.

11- Treatment of UTI:

Some women suffer from urinary tract infection during pregnancy and may cause great discomfort to women. Watermelon helps treat urinary tract infection because of its high water content and its anti-bacterial properties. It helps to expel the bacteria in the urinary tract, thus reducing the infection and pain.

12-Enhances health vision:

Melon contains high amounts of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A, and helps to fight free radicals that may cause serious damage to the cells of the eye.

Vitamin A helps to promote health vision, as it helps protect the outer layer of the cornea and facilitates the transmission of healthy optic nerve.

13 – acts as a diuretic and helps to remove toxins from the body:

Watermelon contains natural diuretic properties that help remove toxins from the body and maintain the health of internal organs such as kidneys and reduce the chances of infection of urinary tract infection, which is common during pregnancy.

14 – helps to form the bones of the fetus:

Watermelon contains a high percentage of calcium and potassium, which are important minerals that help the development and formation of fetal bones.

15-Enhances energy levels:

Watermelon contains a large amount of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins such as A, B1, B6. These nutrients are all natural energy boosters and energy supply and useful in the development of vital organs in the body of the fetus.

Side effects of excessive intake of watermelon during pregnancy:

1 – the incidence of gestational diabetes:

Excessive consumption of watermelon increases glucose levels in the blood and may therefore cause gestational diabetes.

2 – expulsion of essential nutrients from the body:

Melon helps to expel toxins from the body, but when excessive watermelon may lead to the expulsion of some essential nutrients also important.

3 – stomach problems:

Avoid eating watermelon stored in the air for a long time because it can lead to nausea, vomiting and digestive problems so you should always choose fruit or fresh juices.

As with any food you eat during pregnancy, consult your doctor first to determine if it is appropriate for you or not

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