what are the benefits of laughter !?

what are the benefits of laughter !?

Laughter is a form of expression of joy or happiness. Its effects appear externally to man, and it is part of the human behavior organized by the brain. Laughter helps to clarify the individual’s intentions, to increase his social interaction and to share with others; it is a sign of human acceptance of positive interaction with others. Laughter may sometimes be a contagious phenomenon, which is to say that someone’s laughter may motivate others to laugh at it.

what are the benefits of laughter !? :

Heart protection:

It turns out that laughter protects the heart indirectly, because mental pressure causes a defect of lining that protects the blood vessels, and once affected by the lining, it results in some of the reactions that cause the accumulation of cholesterol on the wall of the coronary arteries, which leads to the end of the crisis in When a person laughs from his heart, the hormone cortisol (the hormone produced when the person is under stress) is released slightly; so when a person is under pressure and laughs, it reduces the body’s secretion of cortisol and strengthens the body For the secretion of antibodies that fight infection, which prevent atherosclerosis, and then the injury of human angina or heart attacks.

Increase activity in the morning and sleep in the evening:

Researchers said that laughing a hundred times has the same effect as exercising on a wheel for 15 minutes; laughter works to activate the respiratory system, diaphragm, abdominal area, facial muscles, legs and back.

It has been shown that people with spinal pain, and can not sleep, if they laughed for ten minutes can sleep for about two hours connected without pain.

Increase the efficiency of the immune system:

Stress limits the efficiency of the immune system. The sense of humor increases the body’s ability to fight infection by secreting antibodies, and enhances the presence of immune cells. When we laugh, the natural cells that destroy tumors and viruses increase, and the body is more abundant in proteins that fight the enemy.

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