How to deal with a narcissistic person

How to deal with a narcissistic person

Narcissistic personality and narcissistic person have a special treatment, narcissists are people who have excessive love and self that is exaggerated. The number of narcissists around the world seems to be increasing. Narcissistic people tend to feel more important and impressive. They may also tend to show off and draw attention to themselves.

According to a study published in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology, narcissistic people are aware of the fact that they leave a good initial impression on others that fade over time, so their general effect on people is not as good or positive as they think.

Narcissism and ego may be confused, but Narcissism has more love for the soul than the ego. Some find narcissistic people also suffering from empathy.

In fact, narcissistic people have some of the reasons that led to this situation. For example, people suffering from personality disorder also suffer from a sense of insecurity and this may be due to trauma in childhood such as abuse, neglect or anything that makes the child feel less valuable than others. These people try to compensate for their lack of this by their firm belief that they are ideal.

Their need for admiration is often so urgent that they are manipulative people. Because it is difficult to deal with a narcissist, we offer you some simple ways to help you deal with the narcissist correctly. And we advise you not to be afraid of them, only you need a little patience to deal with them well.

Dealing with the narcissist

  1. Stay away

Narcissists often lack empathy and often make those around them feel unhappy. So if you can not deal with them, it is better to move away from them, where the narcissists may make you think you are crazy. If you can not avoid them, you should know that they will not change easily.

2. It is best to stay calm

If you are in a less controlled position than a narcissistic person, it means that you will not have many options. It is better to stay silent to avoid a quarrel or a quarrel. The argument will not help you with anything, but on the contrary, it may make matters worse.

3 – Make the idea of the group and not your idea alone

If a narcissist is your boss, try to make your idea a collective idea and not your idea alone. This will make it harder for them to attribute credit to themselves.

4.Do not try to imitate the narcissistic person

If you are not careful, some narcissistic traits may appear on you and may already begin to simulate and imitate the narcissistic person. This may happen if you are dealing daily with someone narcissistic. Be aware of your own ideas and do not let anything else affect you.

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5.Ignore tantrums

Some narcissistic people may exhibit strange behavior until they do some things if they avoid it and do not give it a priority. In the end, you will notice that they will resort to another way to meet their demands.

6. Avoid being aggressive

Resist a sense of aggression when dealing or talking to a narcissist. For narcissists, every dispute is a battle and they must win it at all costs. So it is best to remain calm and try to control your anger during the confrontation. When talking to a narcissist there is no point in shouting or arguing, just keep calm as much as possible.

7. Do not look for logic

The narcissists are often distorted by reason or logic, where narcissists may falsify facts to suit their needs or beliefs, all in search of perfection. Instead of thinking about how something happened or why it happened, try to find out what prompted them to do it.

8. Do not let the narcissist annoy you

Do not let the narcissist harmonize you, either orally or physically. If anyone deliberately abuses you, you must take your full right to deal with it.

9. Do not be afraid of them

Although narcissists think they are always right, they usually do not feel safe and have some complications. So stop fear and learn how to deal with them.

10 – Put some limits in dealing with them

Narcissistic people usually do not respect the boundaries of other people, so it is best to impose some limits in dealing with them so that you feel some rest. These limits include what you want, what you do not want, what you do not like, what you allow, what you do not allow, and so on. If anything does not work for you, do not hesitate to object.

11-Do Not make them manipulate you

Narcissistic people may be manipulative, so care must be taken when dealing with them. They will try to make you feel guilty about their mistakes, make you feel wrong and underestimate you. This may be a way to make you agree on some of the things or things that you are opposed to.

12-Know what you want from them

When dealing with a narcissist, you should know what you want and get before you get what they want. Do not expect any promises from a narcissistic person. Once they get what they want they will forget all the promises they made to you.

13-Do Not expect too much

Do not expect much from a narcissistic person, remember that the narcissistic person keeps your presence in his life because you serve his purposes only. And when the time comes that does not serve his purposes, he will get rid of you and get you out of his accounts.

14-Remember that they will not like you or care about you

When a narcissist authenticates you, make sure that he needs you for something, and does not endorse you because you like him or because he cares about you. A narcissistic person may make you feel important in his life until he gets what he wants from you. Make sure this is not true.

15 – Make your response to them with sympathy and not anger

If the husband or wife is a narcissistic person and you feel that he does not care for you when you talk, you can tell him that you care about him and when you do not listen to me it makes me feel like I’m not important to you. Try talking in this way instead of saying, “Why do not you care to listen to me?”

16. Be honest with them

Identify the qualities and achievements that you really like in the narcissistic people and recognize them. This may help them because narcissistic people suffer from self-confidence.

17. Do not feel sorry for them

It is normal to feel sorry for some people, but this may not work for narcissists. Many of them do not change and think they do not make mistakes, so feeling sorry or trying to explain some mistakes may make you feel worse and more.

18- Learn not to make it personal

Whether a narcissist is a member of your family, your boss, your partner, or someone you deal with every day, do not make things personal between you. A narcissist may reduce your business or ignore your efforts or contributions and this will make you feel bad. Be always confident in yourself and do not pay attention to anything that affects you and makes you feel negative and failure.

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