Methods of treatment of muscle inflammation of men :

Methods of treatment of muscle inflammation of men :

How can you treat muscle inflammation? Although it causes pain, many of us love muscle aches and pains. They are evidence of serious gym work and muscle strengthening, so you feel this pain. But sometimes muscle aches may not be due to the accumulation of lactic acid.

Dr. Christopher Hogriff, an emergency medicine specialist at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the United States, says muscle pain after hours of exercise (usually 24 to 48 hours) may be related to lactic acid. It may also be due to some muscle fiber injuries that combine with inflammation and cause pain.

“You will notice this type of pain after an unusual activity. Activities that depend on lengthening muscles and tendons are among the most important causes of pain due to the sudden contraction of muscles.”

“The symptoms of muscle inflammation include lack of strength, muscle aches, decreased muscle contraction, and muscle stiffness,” says Katie Lawton, physiology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy specialist at Cleveland Clinic.

You can follow some tips that may help you get rid of muscle pain and inflammation that include the following.

Treatment of muscle inflammation

1 – treatment of muscle inflammation by eating more mushrooms:

Hogriff says the fungus has anti-inflammatory properties that may be effective in reducing muscle aches. The fungus contains some anti-inflammatory compounds called polysaccharides to reduce the compounds that cause inflammation. Read also about the most important types of foods to build muscles

2 – March some relaxation exercises:

Spending some time practicing relaxation exercises helps to heal. A study conducted in 2018 on relaxation exercises found that racers who spent time relaxing after the end of their exercises were able to practice three times the next time. The researchers believe that it is better blood flow, which reduces the proportion of lactic acid in the blood.

3 – Cherry juice and treatment of muscle inflammation:

Cherry juice contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. A 2010 study found that long-distance runners who drank cherry juice for 8 days had significantly reduced muscle aches and reduced muscle spasm.

“This juice works like a fungus as an anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve muscle pain,” says Hogriff. But be careful about the sugar content inside the juice so as not to get a lot of sugar.

4. Massage your muscles and treat the treatment of muscle inflammation:

Massage can help you get rid of muscle pain in an effective way. A 2012 study found that massage after exercise can reduce muscle pain by reducing the release of cytokines (the compounds that cause inflammation in the body). Massage also stimulates mitochondria in cells And promotes repair of damaged cells.

5 – treatment of muscle inflammation using hot and cold compresses:

The idea behind hot compresses is that they increase blood flow because they dilate blood vessels and are thought to help eliminate the byproducts or triggers of inflammation that cause muscle pain.

The addition of cold compresses or ice is very useful after exercising and feeling muscle pain. Another study conducted in 2015 found that the use of heat and ice prevents damage to elastic tissues

“Moving from snow to heat reduces muscle aches after exercise,” said Hogriff. “Using 20 minutes of ice, followed by 20 minutes of heat, can be an effective way to get rid of annoying muscle pain.

6. Use the sports disc:

Using a sports disc can cause men to cry because of the pain, but it works hard to heal the muscles. Hogriff says that using a sports disc may reduce swelling and muscle inflammation and promote tissue healing.

7 – taking a snow bath and its relationship to the relaxation and treatment of inflammation of the muscles:

A 2010 study found that bathing in a snowy bath reduces swelling and helps shrink blood vessels. The participants sat in the ice bath for 5-10 minutes and showed great results. In another study in 2014, participants who took ice baths for 10 minutes after exercise reported that the level of pain and inflammation in the muscles was less.

8. Treatment of muscle inflammation by wearing sportswear compressed:

A study conducted in 2014 found that wearing compressed sports clothing may reduce muscle aches and help heal muscles faster because of muscle contraction and prevent accumulation of fluids after exercise with increasing blood flow.

9. Get enough sleep:

The relationship between sleep and recovery after exercise remains somewhat ambiguous, although this may be because sleep involves many physiological functions that are difficult to identify.

However, we know that lack of sleep can contribute to increased levels of inflammation in the body and that getting rest may help you get rid of the pain clearly and also helps to tighten the muscles.

10 – Antioxidant and protein intake during the 24 hours following the exercise:

Taking protein supplements helps you supply your muscles with the necessary fuel. It also helps to restore muscle function after exercise.

Studies suggest that taking protein supplements helps relieve muscle pain, especially after a hard workout. Adding antioxidants to your diet also helps you recover and restore muscle strength. Therefore, it is better to take protein and antioxidants (such as chicken or fish with pomegranate or cabbage) in the hours after exercise.

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