How to get rid of rumen

How to get rid of rumen

It is known that obesity is linked to health problems, but what may not everyone knows is that obesity is not just about fat accumulation in the whole body, but a person can be considered obese if the fat accumulates in a specific area of his body, Crust is the most dangerous to human health, as it is the internal fat surrounding the organs that cause problems, and obesity is associated with a high mortality rate, and found a study that included more than one million adults that high body mass index is linked to high mortality rate of all causes in all age stages.

However, there are some people who are obese and who have all the metabolic processes are normal, but this type of obesity is often infected early and the proliferation of the number of natural fat cells and the absence of amounts beyond the normal level of internal fat surrounding organs, which are linked to the problems of obesity health, Although in a limited number of groups, obesity is generally unhealthy and associated with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, Mai (Osteoarthritis) and liver disease, so the risk of injury brings these diseases and worse the higher the level of obesity, and obesity can reduce immunity against bacteria and viruses infection.

Studies show that the accumulation of fat in the abdomen with insulin resistance significantly, in addition to the rise of lipids and high blood pressure, and therefore linked to this type of obesity metabolic syndrome.

How to get rid of rumen:

One of the most important goals to consider when dealing with obesity in all its forms, including rheumatism is to focus on achieving the best weight possible in the maintenance of health, and should not focus on weight loss and access to the ideal weight or loss of a large part of fat Body, as this is not appropriate or is not possible in some cases. Depending on the degree of obesity, age, and lifestyle, achieving moderate weight loss results in improved health. Even a loss of 5% to 10% of body weight improves health and reduces health problems related to obesity. In one study, 10% of body weight improves blood lipids, although patients still carry 20 kg of excess weight, in addition to increasing life expectancy.

One of the biggest problems for people with obesity is the goals they have in mind about the weight they should reach. In many cases, their goals are unrealistic, illogical and difficult to investigate. The mechanism is feasible and achievable.

Raspberry elimination solutions include a balanced and varied weight loss diet, exercise, lifestyle and behavior modification, and psychosocial support. The combination of these methods and a focus on behavioral and lifestyle treatments are successful in maintaining weight loss on Long-term, unlike weight-and-rush plans that rely on temporary and rapid solutions that fail to achieve real lifestyle changes. The person often recovers the weight lost after the period of the plan, which means the failure of the plan.

To achieve weight loss and get rid of the rumen, you should follow a low calorie diet from the daily needs that a person must take to maintain weight, but the diet should not be significantly low calorie, and should be balanced and diverse and comprehensive for all groups of food to meet the daily needs Of all nutrients, and the lack of diet in this diversification is not true, and it should be noted here that it is necessary to know that there is no diet specifically intended to get rid of the rumen or fat of any other area of ​​the body. Regular exercise must be practiced and made part of the lifestyle, especially aerobics, for which studies have had significant effects on the elimination of internal abdominal fat.
 To modify the lifestyle in a way that contributes to the elimination of rumen, the nutritionist can be used to assess the mistakes in the current lifestyle and to develop appropriate plans and strategies to solve them. These steps and changes must be gradual so that the person can gradually introduce them into his daily life without feeling that he has done These changes must be accompanied by nutrition education that encourages the person to accept and understand changes and can be used to record day-to-day behaviors from waking up to mealtime and place, and From the physical activities and even to sleep, with a description of the feelings and emotions associated with these behaviors, which helps the specialist therapist in assessing the situation of the person and make changes appropriate, and it helps the same person to assess himself and his mistakes, such as the problem of emotional eating, and try to find solutions Alternative solution, so that a number of solutions to each problem is chosen and the most appropriate solution, then evaluate the success of this solution, and if not successful, is the use of an alternative solution, and so on.

Tips to help rid the rumen:

Here are some general tips to help lose weight and get rid of the rumen:

  • Eat slowly, and be sure to chew well, as the feeling of fullness is over 200 minutes late, which can make a person who eats fast food is able to eat more than he needs before he feels the fullness that can be achieved by eating less when eating slowly.
  •  Place the spoon and fork between the eggs and talk a little with those present.
  • Set half the portion you are allowed to eat at the beginning so you can add food when you finish your first serving.
  • Be sure to replace the milk and whole fat products with low or skimmed milk.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep, where it was found that insufficient sleep causes negative changes in metabolism and contributes to weight gain.
  • Eat at times and places only.
  • Be sure to be in positive environments that give you psychological support on your weight loss journey.

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