How to organize time in a best way to be more productive

How to organize time in a best way to be more productive

Do you count yourself as one of a group of people who think 24 hours a day is too little for a lot of work and tasks that you should do? If your answer to this question is yes, then perhaps this is the right moment to think about the method you use to organize time.

Of course, a person may generally have thousands of daily tasks and jobs. But this should not exhaust you and hamper your productivity.

We do not doubt your duties and work. In conclusion, we know how time is running fast, especially for someone who has his own business.

The problem occurs when it becomes a routine for you, and you cannot do whatever you need every day.

But you should know that with many tasks, whether personal or professional, you can better organize to be more productive and do what you have done.

To help you organize your time better, we’ve limited you to 10 tips that can make your 24-hour daily life long enough to complete your activities.

Useful tips that will definitely help you organize your time:

1- Set a goal for you.

To be able to organize time better, you must set an achievable goal.

Regardless of thinking about improving your time, and becoming a more productive person on the personal or professional tasks, you should know that having a goal helps you to organize everything you need to do better.

This happens because when you have a goal, you can think of ways to help you better plan your time as well as your actions and actions to reach that goal.

For this reason, try to set short, medium and long term goals. Thus, you can prepare strategies to achieve your goals, by focusing on a predetermined time period to complete each of these tasks.

But beware!

It is very common to set goals that are virtually impossible in practice, but when you do this, you will not be able to reach these goals, and not only that, but you will likely become very stressful and will not be a productive and productive person at most of the time of work.

If you do not yet know how to set your goals, read our post about how to set goals, and learn to set real and achievable goals.

2- Make a list of your daily tasks.

After setting your goals, you can start thinking about actions and actions that you must take to achieve the goals that have been set.

for example:

It is very important that you have a document or document that includes a list of everything you must do. This helps you not to forget anything you need to do.

3- Prioritize urgent matters

With a list of tasks and tasks at hand, it is time to distinguish between what is urgent and necessary and what can be deferred to a later time.

Think of actions that are more important to achieving your goals and carrying them out before other tasks.

Did you realize how important the list we talked about is important?

When you have everything you need to do in written form, it becomes much easier to identify the most important points that must be done now and it cannot be postponed until a later time.

But you must be careful not to leave other things too far for other activities. If you leave everything until a later time and do not put an arrangement and scheme that includes the start and end dates for each of these actions, you will not achieve anything from it.

So even if one of these tasks can be performed later on, do not forget to put it into practice within a certain hour of the day, and about this we will talk now.

4- Have a calendar – calendar

Having a calendar that includes the start and end date of each of these pre-assigned tasks is something that helps you a lot in organizing time. When you place periods of time, you send intuitive commands to your brain, making it realize that something must be done during that period.

By doing this, even if you give priority to urgent and important tasks, you will never forget the tasks and other functions that must be done later.

Our advice for you is to use the early morning periods of the first day of the week to plan your weekly editorial calendar, so you only think about planning for a near future period, which helps you to organize your time better.

Of course, there are tasks that require more time and can be carried out and carried out only within a month or two. But if you become aware of its existence and put it in an editorial calendar, you will be aware of the necessity of doing it when you come close to the date that you set for it.

5- Carry out one activity at a time

It is never useful to organize your tasks according to the amount and degree of importance and prepare your written calendar to include the start and end date of each task if you do everything at the same time.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, we know that you will likely have many things to do throughout the day. So if you try to do everything at once, you will not be able to complete any of these tasks, and you will reach until halfway through each of these tasks, and this may make your mind more tired.

That is why you need to focus on one task or job in order to be able to use your full potential to complete it. By doing this, you will notice that you will be able to finish everything at the time you specified in advance, and you will also perform your tasks in a more integrated way as possible.

Over time, you will notice that organizing and focusing on only one activity at a time will help you manage time in the best manner, and you will become the best manager of your time.

6- Avoid procrastination

Although not doing more than one job or job each time, it is very important not to postpone until later what you can do and do now! (The best of righteousness is urgent).

A very common mistake among people who suffer from lack of time is procrastination !! Extending periods of time greatly causes you to lose focus on the tasks that you must do.

This is why you should think about all the advice that we talked about and mentioned here in this post. When you set time periods to finish specific tasks, even if the date is a little far from now, you will not give in just to rest and believe that there is no need to do anything at the present time to complete that subsequent task.

If you have time today to start with something that you have to deliver in two weeks, why not start now? How will you have time in the future for other activities or sudden matters that may arise in the future?

7- Systems of work environment

Having a well-organized work environment is important to ensure time is organized, and this is because by having an organized place you will not waste your time looking for something you need.

This is why even if you are the business owner, you always have a separate place to carry out tasks related to your business.

In this environment, always put everything you need near you, like a computer, phone, notebook to take notes, pens, and if possible place a cup of coffee and a bottle of water.

8- Do breaks

Even with a lot of tasks to do, it is very important to realize that you need time to rest.

We know that many people, especially those who are overburdened with tasks and tasks, believe that it is necessary to work without any interruption all the time. But this is a great indication that you do not have the proper time organizing.

In addition, it is not permissible to consider what you are doing as a productive work, given that a person who suffers from a exhausted body and mind cannot produce well.

This is why you need to take breaks during your tasks and work, and you should not neglect to sleep well every day.

9- Avoid dispersion

This advice is very valuable, especially for those who choose to work at home. It’s easy to mix work times with household chores.

In addition, there are many things that distract your mind at home, such as television, children, relatives that can lose you focus and make you stop carrying out the tasks that were planned for a specific day.

The Internet is also an environment that expresses a lot of things that help to distract continuously, whether through social networks, videos on YouTube or even important articles and sites.

10- Understand when to say no

It is very important to know when to say “no” to some activities and tasks that you deem unnecessary.


Suppose you work with other people, and someone wants to hold a meeting to talk about a topic that you know can be solved by email only the person sends. If so, suggest your colleague to send the information and tell him that the meeting is currently unnecessary.

Thus you notice that your day will be more productive when you start saying (no) to some activities that are not mandatory at that moment.

If you are the business owner and have people working with you, learn to assign tasks to them. You don’t need to do everything with your business on your own! You can find good workers to work with you.

Monitor your time better

Knowing how to manage tasks in an optimal way is the way to make you more productive, so you can organize great time and prioritize you.

As we said at the beginning of this post, we are aware that the accelerated work routine and the large number of daily tasks make many people lose focus. However, if you get here, you certainly have noticed that it is possible to complete all of your tasks throughout the day without having to increase the number of hours of daily work.

Try to collect these tips and start applying them in practice to your routine. To help you with this, read also our post about 12 apps to improve your routine.

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