Top 10 facts about psychology

Top 10 facts about psychology

Human psychology is a very deep world that dissolves our minds and our souls when we walk around and the ideas and explanations that give us our human nature. Here we will present the top 10 facts about human psychology.

1-Studies have shown that when a person advertises his goals to others, he may not realize these goals because he loses motivation

2-The mind rewrite the boring conversations that he hears from others to make them more interesting

3-Psychologists have so far discovered 400 different phobia cases

4-Gnawa or favorite songs are often your favorite because they are linked to a sensory event and an emotional event that happened to you in your life.

5-The type of music you love to hear affects how you look at the world

6 – spending money on others brings to the human soul happiness more than whether they spend this money on themselves.

7-As some studies have shown, spending money on acquiring different experiences rather than buying imperfections is the key to human happiness.

8-It is strange to know that romantic love can not be distinguished from obsessive-compulsive disorder except with extreme difficulty.

9-According to recent studies, a phobia may be the result of inheritance of certain genes in different generations by DNA

10 – Some people have a fear of severe infection of phobia, which in itself is one of the types of phobia called Vobovobia.

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