What causes eye blight

What causes eye blight

Some people may be exposed from time to time to feel a simple eye chamber of unknown cause, cause some discomfort and embarrassment because they come in sudden and unspecified times and difficult to control, it is compulsory involuntary, and can not be disposed of easily as well as he does not know the direct cause of its occurrence From the original.

The eye cavity is defined in medicine as mild, temporary cramps that affect one eyelid, causing involuntary movement, and is concentrated in the upper eyelid, which is a common condition in most people but occurs higher in females than in males.

The period of compassion may not exceed a few seconds quickly disappear immediately, but it may return to repeat later for no reason, which raises the curiosity of the person to know the reasons that lead to this disturbing phenomenon.
First of all, it is considered a disease of the eye, not a symptom of a serious disease, but it is a harmless situation, which is limited to the inconvenience of the person only during its occurrence, and does not become a problem only when it becomes very strong and permanently associated with the person.
Some physicians attributed the cause of recurrent eye cavity to a number of factors that can be summarized as follows:

  • Eye strain: This is due to the many stares in the screens with radiation such as television or laptop or smartphone for many hours and continuous without resting the eye, which may cause the occurrence of fatigue in the eye and eyelids accompanied by a slight ravine in one eyelid.
  • Psychological tensions: When one of us suffers from psychological pressures such as grief crying anxiety or severe nervousness this negatively affects the eyelid of the eye and lead to strong irritation in it and known as the room.
  • Addiction to beverages that contain high caffeine such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, etc .. May cause health problems, including dry eyes, which leads to the occurrence of eye blight.
  • Not drinking enough fluids, especially water;
  • Emotional crises: where medical studies indicate that the emotional disorders that may result from disagreements or loss of the lover or partner and the resulting psychological bad may be one of the factors leading to the occurrence of eye pit.
  • Taking certain types of medical drugs, have an impact on the occurrence of compassion, especially psychotropic drugs or related to neurological diseases such as epilepsy.
  • Irregular hours of sleep or what is known as “insomnia”: It is one of the earliest causes of fatigue of the muscles and eyelids of the eye, as you must sleep for a minimum of 7 hours continuously.
  • Corneal infections: The cornea irritation causes compassion as well as some conjunctivitis. Sensitization of lighting.
  • Compassion may sometimes be severe if it is a permanent sign of Parkinson’s disease.

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