Who invented Google

Who invented Google

Inventors Sergey Brin from the Soviet Union and Larry Paige from United States invented the Google search engine in 1998, where they first met at Stanford University as graduates of the College of Computer Science in 1995 and began writing a program to create a search engine called Bacrob. In January 1996, registered the domain name of the engine (Google.com) on September 15, 1997.

Google Name Story

The name Google was initially called Googol, a term that symbolizes a large number consisting of one followed by 100 zero. This name was chosen to indicate the amount of information that the engine intended to organize and contain. Then it became known as Google, Because of forgetting the letter in Gogol’s word.

Google History

After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1979 from Moscow to the United States, Sergey Brin moved to Stanford University’s graduate program and was the father of Larry Paige, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan. Computer Engineering From this university in 1995, he entered the doctoral program at Stanford, where he met with fellow study Sergey Brin and were interested in enhancing the ability to extract the content from the vast dataset on the Internet and began their work in the Baige room to extract a new style of research technology.

Brin and Paige received external financing in mid-1998 and raised nearly $1 million from investors, family, friends, and then launched a search engine named Google. Breen became president of the technology firm in mid-1999, where Google received $ 25 million, The search engine handled 500,000 questions a day, and in 2001 Eric Schmidt replaced Paige as CEO of Google. The company was led by three people: Bryn, Paige, and Schmidt. By 2004, the site had logged in nearly 200 million Once a day, About one hundred and thirty-eight thousand questions per minute.

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