Who invented the Internet

Who invented the Internet

The invention of the Internet is credited to Vinton Cerf and Bob Khan, who invented the Internet protocols used today, a complex set of protocols and rules, these protocols allowed the Internet to be widely used.
These two worlds are referred to as Internet fathers.

Education of Inventors Serve and Khan:

Cerf earned his BSc in Mathematics from Stanford University, where he joined the College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in 1972. He served as an assistant professor at Stanford and worked with Robert Khan at the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense to create a transmission control protocol (3) Robert Khan was an American electrical engineer; he received an engineering degree from New York City College, a master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University, and both won the Turing Award, In computer science in recognition of their pioneering networking work, including the design and implementation of the core Internet communication protocols.

The invention of the Internet

Cerf and Khan developed a set of data transfer guidelines using the packet switching method in 1980, called TCP and IP, and the transmission control protocol responsible for data mobilization before moving across the network and discharging it When it arrives, the Internet Protocol acts as a coordinator for this stage, and determines the movement of information from the starting point to the endpoint. The experience of the world Kleinrock proves that it is possible to make a single network between two computer systems, thus the protocols invented by Serv and Khan, Effective and large interconnected networks, launched by the Internet name, and although it was developed and other protocols used by, such as file transfer protocols, and protocol control network, the Internet is based on the basics of Cerf and Khan.

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